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Trademark Infringement

Brand image is one of the most powerful and valuable assets of a business. A brand is not built overnight, and it takes years of performance and excellence to build the reputation that a solid brand requires. What’s more, it takes just the right combination of creativity and consistency to guarantee brand awareness and acceptance. Because creating a brand is a significant investment, any encroachment on that brand through trademark infringement represents a dual threat to your trademark. First, if your brand is misused or unfairly appropriated, its perception may be diluted. The work that went into developing both the brand and reputation behind it are diminished by trademark infringement. Second, misuse of your brand can give someone outside your company the opportunity to claim profits from your hard work.

Preventing Trademark Infringement

The best way to protect your brand, your trade secrets, and all your intellectual property assets is to partner with a law firm experienced in patent and trademark law. We are experienced in trademark infringement lawsuits and can help you make the best decisions about development methods and fair use. We can also help you plan for licensing and negotiation of your brands and other valuable intellectual property assets. And when trademark infringement threatens the strength and profitability of your brand, we can litigate to seek the most desirable outcome for your business.

Roland Tong handles patent, trademark, and other intellectual property needs for clients throughout Southern California. For further information about intellectual property law, please contact us today. To learn more about a variety of topics please see our Blog or Intellectual Property FAQs.

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